Outdoor Speakers

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Turn your backyard into an oasis, by simply adding a pair of outdoor speakers!

There are two common styles of outdoor speakers our clients choose for their outdoor entertainment. The first kind is what we call surface mounted speakers - usually mounted to the exterior of your home.

The second common style of outdoor speaker is what's known as garden speakers which are placed on the ground around your home, usually in a garden or poolside and are camouflaged into the surrounding environment. All of our recommended outdoor speaker types and models are weatherproofed to provide years of lasting enjoyment.

Surface Mounted Speakers

Surface mounted outdoor speakers | Amityville, NY

Adding a pair of externally mounted speakers are a simple and clean looking way to provide you with localized music within your deck or patio area.

We offer a wide range of high end outdoor speakers depending on your back/front yard's needs. These speakers are durable, weatherproof, and provide years of excellent sound quality. We'll help you choose the correct model, size, and color speakers for your outdoor listening.

Outdoor surface mounted speakers | 631-INSTALL is located in Amityville, NY

Garden Speakers

Outdoor garden speakers for outdoor music.This option makes the music look as good as it sounds with speaker designs that blend seamlessly into your landscape by mimicking the appearance of rocks, planters, or even coconuts for your Tiki Bar.

Imagine this - you're outside working in the garden, and you start to sing. As you're cleaning the flower beds, each plant becomes more colorful. And when you sit in your favorite yard chair, you can't help but notice the burst of life that has overcome your flowers.

All this with just a pair of Rock Speakers! This beautiful garden is music to your ears. Here is just a couple examples of camouflage type speakers we offer:

Outdoor garden speakers.
Most of our customers choose to add a volume control outside near the speakers for quick and easy volume adjustment to provide just the right listening environment.

For ultimate controllability, ask about our radio frequency and infrared remote control extensions which allows you to control the volume via remote control, but also allows you to control and change your audio sources. (AM, FM, CD, Digital Music Stations, etc.)

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